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Monday, 18 March 2019

Kim Custeau

Asset Performance Business Lead, AVEVA Global

Kim Custeau, Asset Performance Business Lead at AVEVA, has 30+ years of experience in industrial asset management software and services.

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She is currently responsible for the strategic direction, commercialization and development of AVEVA’s Asset Performance software portfolio globally, delivering solutions that help customers improve asset reliability and performance to maximize return on capital investments and increase profitability. Prior to her current role Kim was responsible for marketing and product management for Marcam. She graduated with a degree in Business from Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario.

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Valter Adão

Valter Adão

Chief digital & innovation officer – Deloitte Africa Singularity University South Africa Faculty

Valter Adão is recognised as an expert in the fields of disruptive innovation, business re-imagination and emerging technologies.

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Valter is Deloitte Africa’s Chief Digital and Innovation Officer and a member of the firm’s Global Innovation Executive. As the former founder of Monitor Deloitte and leader of Deloitte Digital in the region, Valter intersects strategic and innovation thinking with emerging technologies and design. Through this, he guides organisations beyond potential disruption, towards creating new opportunities for relevance, growth and expansion by contextualising and leveraging emerging technologies and disruptive trends.

He is a corporate entrepreneur with extensive experience in venturing and commercialising businesses’ across a number of industries. He works with the CEOs of leading organisations to scale innovative and impactful technology and concepts into high growth, sustainable entities. He is the recipient of the Constellation Transformation 150 award, which recognises the top global executives leading digital business transformation efforts.

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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Tim Sowell Speaking

Tim Sowell

Tim Sowell, Digital Portfolio Strategy/ Fellow Aveva PLC

Tim has 35+ years of international experience in industrial software applications and software development, living in Australia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and North America for 28 years. His passion has been around building products and technologies that will take industry production to the next paradigm of operational excellence. This continues today with current Digital Transformation across all markets, enabling the agile operations, in the dynamic world we live.

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Determining strategies ,technologies processes and defining products that enable industry to shift to the new agile world. This involved the design and development of new generation products for GE, ABB, Siemens in Europe  in the control space such as “self adaptive control”, DC Drives and PLCs, and then implementing these products in applications in over 10 countries, across such industries as Food and Beverage, Metals, Mining, and Manufacturing, utilities providing a unique experience of application engineering, product development and multi-international experience.

Tim joined Wonderware in 1997 (living in California for 12 years), leading the direction of the next generation industrial platform now known as “ArchestrA” that has generated products such as System Platform, InTouch, and WW Historian. In 2000, Tim became Vice President of Product Management for Wonderware with the responsibility of merging FactorySuite and ArchestrA offerings. His role evolved into VP of Product Strategy, heading all software product strategic direction for ArchestrA and Wonderware products/ solutions. For the last 10 years Tim has lead new innovation areas for Industry Solutions, cross portfolio alignment and taking the software products into an SOA architecture. Most recently Tim has lead the creation of the Digital Exchange (Marketplace) for AVEVA, that is providing the first solution exchange for Aveva software, and partner ecosystem.

Tim was honored in 2009 by being made an Invensys Fellow.

In 2014 Tim was honored with becoming a Schneider Electric Master Edison (one of 6 out 180000 employees) for his expertise in Operational Software, and Industry “thought leadership”.

Tim’s current role is leading the Digital Portfolio Strategy as a member of AVEVA’s Portfolio Strategy Team, and Common Architecture Team, working across, Architects and development, defining and executing the medium and long term product/ solution software strategy. Responsible for the Cloud/SAAS/Edge Strategy and product development.

Tim has a number of worldwide Patent’s to his credit based around the ArchestrA developments.

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Rich Mulholland

Missing Link

Do you remember the story of Chicken Little, the chicken that though that the sky was falling? Well, you should – because if you’re to believe current narrative… THE SKY IS FALLING DOWN!

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Artificial Intelligence, drones, autonomous vehicles, the mighty Fourth Industrial Revolution, all of these are set to completely disrupt our world. The futurists will tell you that you need to disrupt of die. However, is IR4.0 really the killer? Rich doesn’t think so.

In this thought-provoking counterpoint to the fear mongering, Rich presents an alternative view of what’s dangerous, and it turns out it’s stuff that your people can actually do something about.

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