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We will recognise several customers for innovative strategies and use of our products to achieve business value.

Share your success story

Call for presentations

Share your success story with the Schneider Electric Software and Wonderware community. Call for presentations is for Customers, System Integrators, OEM’s or other partners who have used Schneider Electric Software or Wonderware solutions to enable improved operations.

Why Should You Be a Presenter?

  • Earn recognition as an industrial software leader
  • Take the spotlight at the #1 industrial software’s user conference
  • Enjoy FREE admission to the entire conference
  • Open networking opportunities with greater exposure
  • Your story can empower other users to harness the power of Schneider Electric Software

Submission Instructions

  • Each PowerPoint presentation is 20 minutes in duration. No paper required.
  • The presentation must include a Schneider Electric Software or Wonderware product as the base of the solution.
  • A waiver of the registration fee will be granted for the primary presenter (one person) for each accepted presentation.

All entries must be sent by 28 February 2018 to Jaco.Markwat@wonderware.co.za.

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Submission Requirements

To have your submission considered, please review the available awards and instructions below.

  • 400-500 word submission including an explanation of who, what, when, where, why, how and benefits of the project or application.
  • Example screenshots, report and/or system architecture to support the above explanation.
  • A delegate from the winning company must be in attendance to receive the award.

All entries must be sent by 28 February 2018 to Jaco.Markwat@wonderware.co.za.

Award Submission Details - Coming Soon
Awards Available for Submission

Awards Available for Submission

One winner from each category will be selected and then presented with an award at the conference. Please note that submissions without a description will not be considered.

Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital Transformation Strategy

Explain your company’s digital transformation strategy, including how technology and processes are being implemented. Please define your optimisation goals, how digital transformation will impact company culture and the expected value.

Workforce Empowerment

Workforce Empowerment

Tell us about how you are empowering your workforce to improve efficiency. This could include training, operations, maintenance, planning, or any collaboration between teams. Please include quantitative metrics associated to business value achieved through workforce empowerment.

Business Value (ROI)

Business Value (ROI)

Share your success! Submit one or two examples of problems identified and money saved by implementing a Schneider Electric Software / Wonderware solution. This submission must include the monetary value or estimated cost impact to be considered.

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