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InTouch® 9.5 Software

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Wonderware's world-famous, award-winning InTouch® HMI software for visualization and industrial process control offers outstanding ease of use and simple-to-configure graphics. Powerful wizards and the new Wonderware® SmartSymbols enable users to quickly create and deploy customized applications that connect and deliver real-time information. InTouch applications are flexible enough to meet users' immediate needs and scale to accommodate their future requirements, while retaining the value of earlier engineering investments and efforts. These versatile InTouch applications can be accessed from mobile devices, thin clients, computer nodes and over the Internet. In addition, the open and extensible InTouch HMI offers unrivaled connectivity to the broadest set of automation devices in the industry.


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Wonderware SmartSymbols

SmartSymbols represent an enormous advancement in the creation, deployment and modification of graphical elements within an application. Using the SmartSymbol Manager, application developers can create templates from graphics that can connect to ArchestrA® Objects, local InTouch tags, and InTouch tags through remote references. These symbol templates are saved in the SmartSymbol Library and can be instantiated by selecting them and dropping them onto an InTouch window.

Any graphic in an InTouch window can be converted into a SmartSymbol by right-clicking it. In addition, libraries of SmartSymbols can be exported to other applications and plants, enabling companies to standardize on graphics throughout the entire organization. Once a SmartSymbol instance is deployed, if users need to change an instance, they simply modify the SmartSymbol template and the change automatically propagates throughout the application, to every window in which the SmartSymbol instance is used. This makes changing, upgrading and modifying applications very fast and easy. Validating and re-validating applications after modification is also simplified with SmartSymbols.

Customers benefit from improved flexibility while reducing the potentiality that new errors will be introduced into the system and tremendously reducing the time associated with modification.



Ease of Use

When considering which HMI software to use for an industrial application, ease of use is a major concern. Since its introduction, the InTouch HMI has been applauded for its ease of use. In fact, for ten consecutive years, industrial software users have voted InTouch software the number one HMI on the market. The InTouch HMI empowers users to quickly and easily develop custom graphical views of their processes. A user can develop graphics with a variety of tools in Wonderware's WindowMaker™ graphical editing program, which includes standard graphical components, bitmap images, ActiveX® controls, Symbol Factory — an advanced graphics library that contains thousands of preconfigured industrial images — and the new Wonderware SmartSymbols. All of these tools are easy-to-use and intuitive, helping users to quickly develop and deploy visualization applications.

Simple Configuration









InTouch software offers multiple drawing tools, simple-to-configure I/O connection links, a very powerful yet user-friendly scripting engine, and one-click deployment. Easy-to-learn wizards and configuration tools also enable users to create, test and deploy applications within minutes of installing the software.


Distributed Application Features

Feature-rich and robust, InTouch software works well for the creation of single, stand-alone applications -- and it's scalable to hundreds of nodes in a distributed Network Application Development (NAD) environment. NAD facilitates centralized maintenance of an InTouch application master copy using one network server. Each client node makes a local copy of the master application, providing strong redundancy. If the server is unavailable, the client node keeps working — using its local copy of the application. Reconnections after the server re-appears are transparent and seamless.





Another powerful NAD feature is that users can accept InTouch application changes at the client nodes, without shutting down the running InTouch application. The system alerts the operator when changes to the application are available and the operator can accept them when it is convenient. Once accepted, only the application components that were changed are downloaded and updated on the client nodes. If the operator chooses not to accept the configuration changes, the latest application will be downloaded the next time the system is restarted. Therefore, the operator is always using the most current application and can update the running application at any time, without incurring downtime or loss of process visualization.

Powerful built-in distribution features enable easier deployment, management and administration of large-scale systems, which result in a lower total cost of ownership. The InTouch 9.0 HMI can also provide visualization of the information with the Wonderware Industrial Application Server. The Industrial Application Server greatly reduces the engineering effort and time required to maintain and deploy large systems within one plant or across multiple plants. In this configuration, the Industrial Application Server centrally controls the security, scripting, history and connectivity for all of the applications.

The Industrial Application Server's underlying ArchestrA industrial software architecture offers a common development environment, eliminating the need to learn new software and thus decreasing costs. Also, because Wonderware's policy is to always provide a migration path for existing applications, the engineering effort and cost is preserved when expanding to larger systems or newer software.


Agile Applications

InTouch applications can be viewed from multiple devices without any additional configuration changes. An application can be viewed from a single monitor or multiple screens. By applying the InTouch HMI in a Terminal Services mode, the same application can be viewed over thin-client terminals, the Internet or mobile devices such as PDAs and Tablet PCs. InTouch software also reduces project costs by enabling visualization of the same application over multiple devices. In essence, the InTouch HMI provides the information users need on the devices they prefer.

InTouch 9.0 also includes a new scripting function, IOSetRemoteReferences, which enables users to modify all the datasources on a window by executing one line of code. This makes updating the real time information displayed very fast. Customers can use this script function with the new SmartSymbols to build faceplates that contain all the standard graphical information and change propagation benefits of SmartSymbols with the fast, runtime update features of the new script function, IOSetRemoteReferences.


Unrivaled Connectivity

InTouch software can connect to virtually any industrial automation control device because of the hundreds of available I/O and OPC® servers that are designed to connect to Wonderware products. The list of available servers is longer than that of any other HMI product on the market. This is made possible by Wonderware's device integration team as well as hundreds of third-party product developers that offer connectivity to the major PLC manufacturers.

Wonderware servers provide access to InTouch application data through Microsoft® DDE communications, Wonderware's SuiteLink™ protocol or OPC technology. Third-party developers can use the ArchestrA DAS (data access server) Toolkit to create servers that incorporate one or all of the communication methods listed above. The InTouch HMI and Wonderware's other FactorySuite A²™ products are capable of serving as OPC clients or an OPC server.


FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Ready

Version 9.0 of the InTouch software offers many features that facilitate the design of applications that comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. The InTouch HMI can authenticate security with Microsoft® Windows NT® operating system and validate changes that occur in the process control system. Additional InTouch features enable companies to conduct secured and verified writes, view expanded alarm displays with full operator names and perform audit trails on system changes. QuickScripts enable InTouch developers to create a script once and call it multiple times throughout the application, resulting in a significant decrease in time needed for validation and re-validation of applications. Wonderware has released a 21 CFR Part 11 InTouch™ 8.0 and IndustrialSQL™ Server 8.0 Deployment Guide (deploy.pdf) that provides step-by-step instructions on how to create regulatory-compliant applications.


InTouch HMI for Tablet PCs

The InTouch HMI also provides support for the Microsoft Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition operating system. Deploying InTouch software on a Tablet PC will enable customers to increase mobility throughout a plant while maintaining control of their processes. Tablet PCs enable users to interact with the display in a manner that is similar to writing on a tablet. The InTouch HMI has also been enhanced to support new Tablet PC features, such as inking and handwriting, to offer customers mobile information management.


"Designed For Windows® XP" Certification

Wonderware's InTouch 9.0 software is also the first HMI to achieve the "Designed for Windows XP" certification, which includes rights to use the logo. The rigorous certification process assures users that software certified for the Windows XP operating system will work optimally with the new features.